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happy monday, everyone. welcome. >> welcome to you, linda sow. megan took off the day after she couldn't work with me after a ravens loss. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm good. >> we'll talk right down your alley. newborn safety seats. >> good stuff. we're talking about tips, what to do, what not to do to make sure your newborn is strapped in safety in your cars. safety prevention, with the car seats and booster seats and speaking of booster seats, we're going to have a live demonstration. a lot of parents think once their kid gets older, they're out of the car seat, we can just put them in the back seat but you can't do that. there's a law saying you need to be in a booster seat until they're 8. a person from aaa is out here, will show you how to do it properly, what to look for and
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all that stuff. >> all right, we're going to talk about the maryland home, this'll be the maryland state home show. rip kin stadium. we'll be live there friday morning for or our on the go series. they'll talk about kitchens and landscaping and wine tasting at the home show. >> that's pretty impressive, it looks like there's a tree in that kitchen. >> things you never thought about. >> we run scan alerts every week and the bbb helps us out with that, all the time. angie barnett is in here, to talk to about a special awards ceremony they have coming up to honor businesses who have great ethics, integrity. all that. let's get to today's hot topics. it's all about politics this morning. it was a weekend packed with
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surprises, delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell talking about witchcraft, sarah palin falling to 5th place. colin powell taking obama and all the delegates. prompted by this clip from a 1999 episode of abc's politically incorrect. shown over the weekend by bill maher on his hbo show. >> one of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar. >> i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? but no, there's been no witch
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craft since, if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now. >> reporter: on one side detractor karl rove has accused her of saying nutty things. the witchcraft comments included. >> in southern delaware, there are a lot of church-going people to help out. >> reporter: palin tweeted about o'donnell's strategy, times limited, using it to connect with local voters whom you'll be serving versus national media seeking destruction. palin spoke at a major republican dinner in iowa, she suggested the republican party send some stars to campaign in the south. others to the west and rove? >> karl, here, you can come to iowa and karl rove and the other leaders who will see the light and realize that these are the
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normal hard working patriotic americans. >> reporter: palin told fox, she'd be willing to give running for president a shot if the people decided she was good for it. >> the white house is denying a story in today's new york times saying one of the ideas democrats are considering is a national ad campaign tying the republican party to more extremist elements of the tea party. the white house says there's no truth to the story whatsoever. jake tapper, abc2 news the white house. >> lots of stuff. >> that's lots of stuff, the witchcraft comments, interesting. >> let's get your two cents on it. >> we always want to know what you think. politics, it's all about politics this year. has this year's political season gotten a little bit strange? >> if every politician had to admit what they did in high
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school, there would be no politicians left. patrice writes: it's getting strangely boring. >> boring? >> boring. if you'd like to share your two cents on today's hot topic, head to the wmar fan page. we'll share your comments throughout this morning's newscast. all right: ever go to a business meeting and call a guy chuck when his name is ralph. you become uncomfortable. remember watching cool joe? now we see uncomfortable joe. flacco threw in our interceptions yesterday. terrell suggs is accused of roughing the quarterback and tripping carson palmer. the best nugent since ted. mike nugent kicked five field goals yesterday. cincinnati wins an ugly football game 15-10. for the second game in a row, ravens defense isn't giving up a
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touchdown. ray lewis gave up quite a comment to the locker room after the game. >> it's embarrassing that you can actually put them in field goal range, off of two goals like that. you're going to earn it, earn it. >> we are six days away from seeing him run out of the tunnel, citing the crowd on sunday against the cleveland browns. >> all the uh, the newspapers say 0-and-2 going in, so we'll be all right. >> let's go to weather. justin, fill us in. >> let's shake it off. by the way, you think politics boring, stick with the weather here. we have ourselves an active season in the atlantic. there may be another named storm by the end of today, lisa, the
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next one on the list. we have ourselves a look at igor now, which will be a distant memory. widespread power outages and damaging waves and winds. we'll show you that in a moment. that also is responsible for providing us with a cool breeze. once that gets out of here, we'll open the door for summer heat to return this week. summer-like heat, autumn officially begins after 5:00 on wednesday morning. this is the end of summer here. 66 this morning in baltimore. and back towards easton, eastern shore, you cross the del marva, back it up to the northwest, starting the day low 50s, 61 degrees. virtually a clear sky, pretty brisk breeze coming out of the northeast this morning. many places 5 to 15 miles per hour. a push up to about 20. few weather stations. that breeze, actually in part, response to this storm, which is
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passing about 600 miles to the east of ocean city, now to the north of bermuda. uh, it was battering the island of bermuda for over 12 hours. large storm, big impact here. working its way off towards the north atlantic. as that gets out of here we have high pressure in control. light winds and chilly temperatures tonight. nice recovery tomorrow. heat building back in with moisture. cloud cover beginning to move in on wednesday, thursday and friday. that could help spark an afternoon or evening thundershower. otherwise, we have ourselves summer-like heat to return just in time for autumn. for today, seasonable, high temperatures up to about 78 degrees. the stronger winds this morning should ease up a little bit towards this afternoon. tonight, virtually calm winds, clear skies. we're down about 48. which means low 50s downtown and by the bay. upper 70s, about 79 degrees. then we start turning up the
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thermostat, wednesday, thursday and friday. how hot? how long? we'll have the extended outlook coming up in the next half hour. when traveling with kids, make sure they're safe as possible. >> we have simple tips to keep your kids safe in the car, including how to ensure they're properly installed in child seats. scholarships and grants may come at a bigger price than first expected. why scammers are on a hunt to take your money. saving money by borrowing the items you need online. how you can take advantage of this unique service.
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you have an anniversary or birthday coming up? get in touch with will eyes in ellicot city. they supply the flowers every week here on good morning maryland at 9:00. children are the most precious cargo when riding in cars, this week marks child passenger safety week. each day this week, we're going to show you safety tips for securing your child in a car or suv. abc2 news sherrie johnson kicks it off with five tips for securing your newborn. >> reporter: here in westminster, law enforcement officers have teamed up with the carroll county health department to offer car safety seat checks. >> manuals are always the best
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thing. make sure you're reading the manual for the seat, but also checking the manual for the car as well. understand which way, as far as latch or seatbelt is better for their car. >> reporter: sharon wagner has two children. she's here to make sure her precious cargo is strapped in correctly. >> they taught us a simple way to latch it and cinch it down tight. the baby seat seemed like it was moving a little bit. taught us another way to do it. we feel more educated, feel we can be more confident knowing they're latched in properly. >> reporter: the non-profit organization called maryland kids and safety seats said child safety week is important to educate parents on educating children. >> issues regarding which seats are correct, what's the best form of transportation, where they can get assistance if they have questions. >> reporter: make sure you have a rear-facing seat with the
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correct angle. in a crash, a rear facing baby will move into the back of the car seat minimizing whiplash. refrain from heavy snow suits. keep babies warm with blankets. remove hanging toys from the car seat handle, it can turn into a flying missile in a crash. when the child out grows the infant seat, graduate them to a rear facing convertible seat. hopefully following these tips, will keep your kids safe and secure in the car. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the carroll county health department's going to offer car seat safety checks today, starting at 10:00 this morning and run them until noon. linda, out back, good morning, linda. >> once your kid is out of that car seat, you don't want to
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forget about the booster seat. joining us this morning to tell us about that is myron ruben from aaa. this is your son, ben, thanks for being here too. he'll show us how this works. >> maryland has a law with booster seats. maryland has a child passenger safety law. children have to be buckled in a federally approved seat until their 8th birthday. the only exceptions are if your child is 4'9" or 60 pounds. a lot of parents think once they're out of the car seat, it's okay to put them in the back seat. >> that's why we call it the forgotten step. it pushes the child up, it boosts them up so the seatbelt can fit them correctly. low on the strong hip bones and right across the center between the neck and shoulder. that's why you need a booster seat. >> do you want to show us what kind of seat ben is sitting on
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right now, there's two different types. >> there are two different types. we have the high back booster seat, you'd use that type of seat if your vehicle doesn't have head restraints or if the child's head was above the vehicle seat. ben is sitting on what we call a backless booster seat. we do have the head restrain here. by sitting on this, we can put the seatbelt right across, halfway between neck and shoulder. it rides low on the hips, as opposed to up here on his belly. >> if he was were just sitting on the seat, there could be a possibility he'd be high up. >> if they need a booster seat or if they can just sit on the vehicle seat. we can show you that real quick. can you unbuckle your seatbelt for us please? >> i'm going to take this out, stand up, good job, go ahead and
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sit down. >> if he puts his fanny all the way up against the seat, his knees should be able to bend over the vehicle seat. that doesn't happen. the other thing is, if we buckle him, and this vehicle has what's called a seatbelt positioner. a lot of vehicles do not have that. if we buckle him, without the seat, this is going to start to ride up on his belly, it's going to start to come off the shoulder, like this and the next thing you know, when it's uncomfortable, the children are going to misuse it as the biggest misuse is behind the back. in the event of a crash, ben's going to go like this. very dangerous position for a child to be in. >> reporter: i understand, tomorrow, there'll be a free event for parents who might need that extra help, the hands on, i know just watching sometimes seems overwhelming. >> don't be afraid to ask for
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help. at the owings mills fire department between 1:00 and 5:00, there'll be a free seat check. we recommend they call ahead to get an appointment so they don't have to wait so long. >> thank you so much, that was very helpful. ben you did a great job. thank you very much. >> linda, thank you. if you're looking for something new in terms of entertaining, the maryland home show may be the place to visit this weekend. stacey will check out the show coming up next. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea.
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we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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for just $99.99 a month for a year. and here's a special bonus: you'll also get the fios tv movie package and epix -- free for 12 months. and with this offer, there's no term contract required. if you don't love fios, cancel at anytime with no early termination fee. fios gives you the best channel lineup, superior picture quality and more hd... plus internet rated #1 in satisfaction, speed and reliability. last chance. offer ends october 2nd. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, plus the fios tv movie package and epix, free for 12 months... with no term contract. call 1.877.797.fios. that's 1.877.797.3467. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v it's time for fios.
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let me introduce you to stacey. will be running the maryland state home show in aberdeen, rip kin stadium. how are you stacey? old picture, shows way, way back. this is a great home show, though. >> it is phenomenal. the maryland state home show. ripkin stadium. we are sold out. we couldn't fit anybody else in, it's crazy. >> drinking wine this year. >> we're drinking a lot of wine, a lot of spirits, lots of beer, a lot of gourmet food. it's a home show though. if you want to make your house
9:22 am
gorgeous-- >> dazzle me a little bit stacey, what's the one item, what's the one thing that knocks you off your heels? >> i think there are great kitchen designers out there. i think there are great design bill plans out there. if there's something you were looking to do to update your house and get it current with what's going on today, style-wise and that you see in all the magazines, you can find it on the show. >> it used to be the entertainment center, right? in a home. i think living rooms are kind of going to the way side. people don't use them, they're beautiful, but they sit there empty. people are going crazy on their family rooms. that's what you can find at the show. these people are up on trends. it's a good use of their money. >> the kitchens. >> they're just hot this year. there's just so much going on. we have the people you can meet with, you can show them a picture, if you want to bring pictures with you, and say "i'd
9:23 am
like to do something like this." we have the people you can meet with and do it. >> the ravens are home, you're saying c'mon out here. >> vip club level at the stadium. we have a big ravens lounge with big screen tvs. everything's big. lots of wine tasting, beer. a lot of food. kick back, relax, find what you need for your home and have a good time. >> not only inside, but we're talking landscaping too. >> several landscapers, whether you're looking for hard scape or maybe to redo your planting, nah sort of thing. >> also, wine tasting. >> you said that right? >> i did. >> gourmet food. >> a lot of it. >> we'll be out there on the go, on friday morning. i'm looking forward to it. you dazzle me again. is it a wine show? >> maryland state home show, rip
9:24 am
kin stadium, everything else. >> linda? >> have you already had some of that wine, jamie. >> evidently. now that school is back in session, scammers are on the prowl for their next victim. looking for scholarships or grants could open the door to scammers. need a nail gun for the home improvement project but don't have the cash to spend? use the internet to get your hands on stuff you need without breaking the bank . before we go to break, if you're trying to find a job in this tough economy, we're trying to help you get back to work. each wednesday on good morning maryland at 9:00, we'll put on three video resumes on the air. send us an e-mail to we'll tape a 20-second video pitch and put it on the air and on our website.
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last week we told you about some popular scams that might scare your kids. this week abc2 news joce sterman
9:28 am
is back with some other traps that parents need to know about and in this latest round of scam alerts. listen to this. >> reporter: thinking about footing the bill for college is enough to make any parent feel sick. the average cost of a four-year education is nearly $40,000. that's why so many parents urge their kids to find scholarships. there are offers all over the internet and social media, but the better business bureau warns you shouldn't trust big money promises, because they often become a big let down. angie barnett says be weary of any company or ad that guarantees they can get you scholarships or grants especially when they know nothing about you, walk away from any offer that asks for up front fees for scholarship as much as. >> find them through your college. you want either the college you're approaching or your high
9:29 am
school, those counselors who are affiliated with financial aid education and deal with legitimate grants, that's your first source. >> and you need to go straight to another source if you're looking for alternative ways to get your diploma for college or high school. scam schools are very common according to the bbb. many of them claim they can help you get a degree online, but make sure every institution you're interested in is accredited or that diploma won't be worth the paper it's printed on. there are plenty legitimate programs worth your time. use the internet to research schools. see how much interaction you'll get with staff and students. use the better business bureau's site. >> it takes time, money and a lot of hard work. if they're promising to deliver
9:30 am
this to you in just a very short period of time, it won't stick. >> following your dreams shouldn't be, if you do your homework so you don't get scammed. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> angie joins us this morning. this morning actually you have good news. no scams. >> that's right. >> what a nice change of pace, i have to admit. so the torture awards. >> wednesday, september 22nd in the evening, visionary art museum, we'll be celebrating ethics, integrity, performance of businesses, and selecting uh, from our finalists, will be announcing our winners for the torch award. >> this is pretty rigorous, you had a lot of applicants right? and you widdled down. >> people can self-nominate a business. we ask for a one page form. after that we do prescreening, we invite those that scored the highest level to turn around and
9:31 am
fill out an application. some of these binders are two-inches. copies of contracts. they're advertising they give us a lot of information and from that we're able to select the winners. our judges are uh, five previous winners who are affiliated with the better business bureau. they too know the rigors of this activity. >> if you are a winner, not only does it come with bragging rights. i'm sure people are always looking for legitimate businesses out there, right? >> absolutely, i was mentioning earlier, that's one of the positive things i can say is going on with the economy. consumers are going to they're looking up businesses. we have uh, truly record-breaking numbers. we hope that means consumers are sitting there with money in their pocket, they're ready to shop and spend their money with reputable businesses. that's one of the functions of better business bureau. >> that's great. tell us about the event. who will be the keynote speaker?
9:32 am
>> joce sterman from the scam alert. we're very excited about that. our keynote speaker will be holly patraum. she'll be addressing for our audience. talking about um, not scams that plague our military bases, but the need to increase financial literacy, consumer awareness, really go out and make sure we target uh, our military personnel and their families in education and support so they are not victims of businesses that typically prey on the military. >> she would know, her husband's the general, right? >> absolutely. we're very honored. it's very humbling. her husband is general david patraeus. we're proud of the work she does, promoting bbb on our military bases. >> you have something new this year? silent auctions? >> we do. because it's a visionary art museum, our tag line is uh, the art of good, the art of good
9:33 am
business starts with trust. so we picked that up, we invited maryland's artists to submit photography um, original art, we have wonderful fabrics, we even have designer uh, clothing, pottery, those items, we have a silent auction. all of these revenues will go to support our bbb educational foundation. that's our charity, non-profit arm of bbb, focused solely on consumer education like scam alerts. >> tell us when that big day is. >> september 22nd, wednesday evening. we begin at 5:30 with networking and our program begins at 7 oovenlth we'll honor our finalists. we have our keynote speaker and end up announcing our winners. >> starting in january you're looking for more applicants for the next year. >> absolutely we give our businesses three or four months
9:34 am
to put their applications together. on our website, you'll be able to find the application mid-january. >> you're always helpful, thank you. linda, listen, if you need something but you can't afford it, have you thought about borrowing it? more and more people are going online to borrow the item they need but don't want to buy. the 11th season of "dancing with the stars" is getting ready to hit the dance floor. here's justin. >> can't wait to hear about that. we have sunshine this morning, how about a nice, cool crisp breeze out of the north, averaging about 10 miles per hour. you'll notice a beautiful start to the weekend. then we start warming things up. we'll talk about that taste of late summer coming back. stay with us, we'll be back with more good morning maryland after this. ,
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if you're having a birthday, we want to know all about it. send an attached photo to give us a couple days advance notice on this though. sharing is one of the first lessons we learn, but lending things like toys and books isn't just child's play. forget borrowing the traditional cup of sugar, penny pinch consumers are taking sharing to the web, trading anything and everything, even their set of
9:38 am
wheels. here's how to play fair when borrowing goes high-tech. >> new homeowner stephanie johnson digs gardening in her backyard. >> i like the chance to be outside and relax and not worry about anything. >> with any other method than a wheel borrow, it would have taken forever. >> rather than resort to retail, she set out to borrow, from books and electronic gadgets to appliances and more. these days, borrowing has gone high-tech. you can post and share items you own and borrow things you need, all from others right in your neighborhood. >> tools, air beds. >> think of excite as a match-making service. temporary ownership is a hot trend. >> a lot of people are feeling the pinch of not having enough
9:39 am
money right now, they're turning to borrowing, particular for more expensive items. by borrowing just once, you can save tens of hundreds of dollars, sometimes even thousands depending on the item. while sharing pays off, there's also psychological behind. >> it brings youloser to the people around you. >> fostering a sense of community, something we've lost over the years. >> sites also give users the chance to go green. >> environmentally-friendly to be resourceful and not buy as many items. >> the basic idea is the same. simply search for the item you're looking for based on where you live. some sites allow you to search by zip code, others require you to form local groups and share among those who are invited into your circle. >> from there you submit requests, arrange to meet the person and make a trans. >> it's important to set ground rules. first, understand what you're borrowing. >> there might be a picture of
9:40 am
the item on the website and a description of the item, the condition of the items, proximate value of the item. >> work together to set a timeframe and never share anything you can't afford to lose. while these sites make virtual introductions, they're not responsible for your items. keep an eye out for fees, while most sites are free to join, some may charge for additional services like renting or private sharing groups. some lenders require a security deposit. >> i can put $100 into escrow so if i don't return you you get some compensation. >> stephanie needs sugar, pays a $15 deposit now, she's watching her garden grow. >> i was able to find someone less than a mile away that had a wheelbarrow, it worked out great. >> it's important to be friendly when you borrow. consider sending a thank you note when the transaction is complete. >> what do you think about that? >> i don't know, you talked
9:41 am
about sharing your car, would you do that? >> you always coming up with those, tools, kitchen appliances. >> right, you buy it, use it once and yeah-- >> it's like a swap shop. we're trading all the time. glenn beck, sarah palin and others, all hold rallies upon rallies upon rallies to rally their supporters. >> but coming up: there's another rally heading to d.c. why john stewart is taking his show to his stands to the nationals this month. tax on everything you buy?
9:42 am
that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. and here's a special bonus: you'll also get the fios tv movie package and epix -- free for 12 months. and with this offer, there's no term contract required. if you don't love fios, cancel at anytime with no early termination fee. fios gives you the best channel lineup,
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superior picture quality and more hd... plus internet rated #1 in satisfaction, speed and reliability. last chance. offer ends october 2nd. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, plus the fios tv movie package and epix, free for 12 months... with no term contract. call 1.877.797.fios. that's 1.877.797.3467. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v it's time for fios.
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at 5:00. the they were just off the dance floor and here they are back on it again. hitting the dance floor for the 11th season. it's time to hear from the stars who will be trying to impress the judges and fans. >> you like all the cha-chaing c'mon. >> megan caught up with two of the stars to get their impressions of this season's "dancing with the stars". >> all right, we can't wait. "dancing with the stars" is
9:45 am
tonight. tonight is sizzling. former laker rick fox and platinum r&b singer brandy joins us. all right, do your toes hurt? like what is the situation right now? you're getting so close to the dance floor opening up. >> my heart; i can't find my heart. it dropped and went around on its own. yeah. >> what are you nervous about? >> i'm a singer, you know? i've never really been a strong dancer. this is completely different than anything i've ever done. i'm very nervous. >> it's something new for me. never ball-room danced before. she's 5'4" and she'll have to carry my big frame around. >> let me ask you about that,
9:46 am
rick, i think a lot of times the athletes seem to do very well and seem to make it far, is the pressure on? so far, jason taylor did very well, ochocinco, everybody seems to do well with the athletic ability behind them. >> athletes do, but two football players seem to do really well on the show. my friend clyde didn't go as far. hopefully bringing the nba back. first time for everything. as far as the competition goes, have you sized everyone up? who are you nervous about in terms of the other stars? >> i haven't watched anybody else. i just, i just can't take it. the pressure is really on. like i can't do it. >> i think that's a great philosophy, i shouldn't have
9:47 am
peaked in on anyone but i saw florence henderson, and she can shake a tail feather. >> this isn't the situation right here. >> when wardrobes start coming off. >> i'm not worried about the situation, even though i know he has a lot of fans out there and he's really talented, i'm worried about jennifer. >> jennifer, dirty dancing-- >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> nobody puts baby off the show. brandy, tell me about the outfits. everyone watches the show and would like to wear the costumes. i know they're about this big, but they're so fantastic to watch. >> i know, they're so sexy and glamorous. who wouldn't want to wear these clothes on "dancing with the stars"? i can't wait. every week, that's why people have to vote for me, so i can
9:48 am
wear the clothes. >> i'm concerned they blend wardrobes. i've seen some things the men are wearing sometimes, i'm wondering if it came from the women's department. i don't know. >> little tight. >> you have to pop. >> there's no wonder why the men take all the clothes off. >> you have to have a little sparkle with the sizzle. >> there you go. >> you're both adorable, we wish you the best of luck. you've been to baltimore, next time, come back, we'd love to have you here. >> we love baltimore. >> best of luck, we'll be rooting for both of you. >> thank you. >> go get some sleep. don't forget, "dancing with the stars", two hour season premier performance show tonight. 8:00. "dancing with the stars" results show. the two-hour season premier tuesday, 8:00. all the excitement starts. >> they say they've been to
9:49 am
baltimore with david hasselhoff is from baltimore. >> is he your favorite? >> he is, right now. there's another rally set for tomorrow in our nation's capital, but it isn't your typical rally, is it? >> no, coming up, funny man john stewart is taking a shot at glenn beck and others while encouraging you to join him from what he calls a rally to restore sanity. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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for just $99.99 a month for a year. and here's a special bonus: you'll also get the fios tv movie package and epix -- free for 12 months. and with this offer, there's no term contract required. if you don't love fios, cancel at anytime with no early termination fee. fios gives you the best channel lineup, superior picture quality and more hd... plus internet rated #1 in satisfaction, speed and reliability. last chance. offer ends october 2nd. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, plus the fios tv movie package and epix, free for 12 months... with no term contract. call 1.877.797.fios. that's 1.877.797.3467. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v it's time for fios.
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just minutes before 10:00: getting ready to get up and go, enjoy this day. it's absolutely beautiful outside. looking at the harbor school network, owings mills with 65 degrees right now. winds out of the northeast, 16 miles per hour. and yeah, there's a little bit of a gust out there that'll be noticeable. one of the reasons we have this crispness to the air. we can in part thank the hurricane well off the east coast and pushing to the north of bermuda. 66 in annapolis, the other harbor school. overall, that breeze, because of the system off the coast. while we showed you that in the last half hour, i want to focus on the deep south.
9:53 am
there's an air mass waiting to move in. we didn't make it up to 84, it won't be that warm today. 98 memphis, true summer heat waiting to move back in here. it will build upon itself. this morning into the mid-70s, 76 atlanta. this is the stuff that's going to spread in our direction, once we can shake the influence of strong wind, really suppressing all that stuff. once we relax the winds, we'll have ourselves a weather pattern that will ease up on the clear skies and light winds, we go about 78 degrees this afternoon. again that wind averaging about 15, up to about 25 miles per hour and under clear skies, extra clouds may form, especially north and west. northwesterly breeze and influence of the wind coming from the great lakes and higher better rain. makes it to about 76. you're protected on the eastern shore. watching us across the bay, remaining mostly sunny in and around easton. for tonight, clear skies, that
9:54 am
allows us to dip back into the 40s. 40s, 40s, linda sow. >> chilly willy. >> you wasn't it to be chilly don't you? >> i don't know. what? >> we have temperatures that will bounce quickly tomorrow, back to about 79 or 80. we go mid-80s quickly, getting the heat back in here wednesday. the first day of autumn comes with the chance of a thundershower. thursday and friday with highs between the mid-80s to near 90. >> we're talking about fall already? wow. >> not with those temperatures. >> we're going to go to funny, right? funny. okay, the country's most famous fake newsman wants you to circle your calendar for october 30th. this time he's for real. john stewart announced he's hosting a march in washington. >> he's calling this a rally to
9:55 am
restore sin. sharon alfonsy tells us more. >> reporter: we will gather on the mall in washington, d.c.. >> the type of person to go to this rally, the fact that you'd even stop to ask yourselves that question, as opposed to just, let's say, jumping up, grabbing the next stack of holy books, pointing your car towards d.c., that means i think you just might be right for it. >> is the rally just intended to poke fun at glenn beck? >> i mean, beck in many ways is a direct inspiration. >> chris smith wrote the cover story on stewart for this month's new york magazine. >> he sees this rally as theater. >> and fox news is clearly his favorite, but beyond the jokes, stewart is serious about holding fox news accountable. >> he's become a fact-checker
9:56 am
and an uh, gode to do better work. >> after all, it was stewart who noticed the story on fox that made a health care rally appear larger than it was. >> if i didn't know any better, i'd just think they put two different days together and acted like they didn't. >> with fox, questioned the money trail, stewart countered. >> you can use the same logic to link fox news with dangerous money. >> for fox's part, they dismissed it as simply entertainment. he clearly struck a new with millions of fans. >> i'm not afraid of muslims, tea partiers, socialists, immigrants, gays, but i am sort of scared of spiders. >> sharon al fonsy, abc2 news new york. >> i think it's a rally to keep
9:57 am
fear. keep it alive. >> it'll be dueling rallies? >> should be funny. thanks for joining us here on good morning maryland at 9:00. >> rachael ray is up next. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks, it's good to be here. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a great day.
9:58 am
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